Web Design

.NET, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, CSS, HTML5 – all may be a  foreign language to you – which is where I come in. Its my job to translate your ideas and requirements into practical technology.  For an engineer, I’m pretty skilled at speaking in non-technical terms and translating into ordinary language(!)

For what its worth, I programme using all those things above – it means you have a modern, responsive website which adapts to everything from a smartphone to a big photographic monitor, and is built to modern standards.

See portfolio for client examples.

I’ve specialised in sites for photographers, as a photographer myself, I understand your language.  I’ve designed back-end tools to help you manage your site.  For the non-photographers I can also undertake original photography if required.

Web Development

For more complex tasks my engineering skills come to the fore.  I’ve built a number of web-based tools for clients, in fact, most of my clients benefit from having the bespoke pogramming service I offer.


I don’t abandon you at the end of a project – unless you want me to!  Most of my clients appreciate the longer term commitment I can offer them, from quick changes when required, to longer term development as needs change, as well as being on hand if and when gremlins strike.


I offer Linux hosting (typically for WordPress sites) through my own hosting service.  For more complex sites I recommend .NET and will arrange suitable hosting for you.

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