After a brief spell in industry in semiconductor physics, Neil Wakeling has been successfully self-employed since 1992 developing a diverse career: Independent musician, website developer, technology consultant, adult education trainer, photographer, publisher and sound healer!

He brings his creative talent to all of his work, believing that good technical design is also an artform. Technology should be there to help people, not to frustrate them. Work should be fun!

As well as being an electronics engineer he is a successful and talented musician with an MSC in Music Technology. He is gifted with a wonderful power of creativity and a deep understanding of the technology and science of sound. He has composed a number of albums including soundtracks for television.

He plays Fiddle, Didgeridoo, keyboards, and sings Harmonic Overtoning.

The DancingDog - dancing for snowballs.

The DancingDog - dancing for snowballs.

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