2020VISION has been a wonderful project to be involved with, over the lifecycle from its launch in 2010, to 2014.  The site now forms an archive of the project.   I designed a custom CMS to manage the data from 20 photographers’ assignments, galleries, project details, geolocation data, videos… and a wordpress blog for the photographers’ diaries..

Britain’s most ambitious conservation visual media initiative … ever!
20 photographers | 20 assignments | 1 vision … to show the link between healthy ecosystems and healthy people. In other words…

A wilder Britain is good for us!

Mark Hamblin Photography

I’ve worked with Mark over many years on different projects – this is his own site, featuring uimage galleries and a custom CMS.

A site that aims to communicate the awe, beauty and wonder of the natural world through visually arresting imagery, specialising in the wildlife, nature and landscapes of Scotland, Northern Europe and North America.